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Do I need to book classes?
No, there is no need to book classes, they are pay as you go classes so just turn up.

What should I wear and do I need to bring anything?
You should wear loose fitting/comfortable clothing, no jeans or belts.  Jogging bottoms, leggings, t-shirts and sweatshirts/jumpers are all good to go.  Its best to work bare foot or in grippy socks, like toesox, but you may prefer trainers for some of the standing work.  If its winter time, wear layers of clothing as some of the halls can start out a bit chilly.

You also need to bring a Pilates/Yoga mat, a towel and water.  I provide bands and balls where needed, but I do not carry any mats.

What age group is it?
There really is no particular age group, they are mixed classes of age, gender and abilities, from beginners to intermediates.

What if I haven't done Pilates before, Im not sure what to do or expect, will I feel silly?
Its just like anything else if you haven't done it before, you have to start somewhere and cannot expect to learn everythiing in one or two sessions.  My classes are different from week to week, so no one really knows whats coming up other than me!  But have no fear, its not choreographed to music, you won't get left behind or anything like that, we have background music playing, and you work at your own speed and ability once I have shown you what to do, then, over time you wll become familiar with some of the moves.  If you go wrong I am there to guide you and offer you any necessary adaptations. 
Just like any mind and body workout, it takes practice.
Come and give it a go, its pay as you go so what do you have to lose?

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