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How I began...

From an early age I have always been active.  As a child we owned horses, dogs, I swam regularly and was always outside.  Im unsure why I then chose to start my working life in an office, I guess it was something different. But I learnt early on that full time office life was not really for me.

In 1994 I trained with London Central YMCA to become an aerobics instructor, and thats where it all began.

I really enjoyed teaching movement, so, I carried on with my training and gained further Gym and PT qualifications so I could move into fitness full time.  I worked for a number of different training centres over the years to gain experience before deciding to set up my own classes in the community, and offer personal training at home. 

This was such a success that I continued to expand on my training and qualifications in Exercise for Older adults, Pilates Matwork and small equipment with the Pilates Institute UK, which is now MK Pilates.  I would say that I now mostly teach pilates, as I love it, but I still stay in touch with other fitness methods for the benefits they bring too. 

I often attend training workshops and short courses  just to keep me on track an have recently completed a Pilates Bridging course with MK Pilates and a Fitness Pilates back care course and I hold a Level 3 Lifetime Personal Trainer award along with many other qualifications.

Training methods are constantly evolving  and I like to keep up with modern techniques so I can use them all to create my workouts.

 It gives me great satisfaction to help people move well and be the best version of themselves they can be. 

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